Birmaduu Gospel Media Ministry and Publication is an evangelical media ministry that is committed to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ, that all people are offered forgiveness of sin freely on account of Christ, by faith in him, and draw new life from their identification with him.

To serve our Lord Jesus Christ and the growth of his Gospel, throughout the world, by producing and delivering quality bible–based evangelical audio, video and literature resources.

Our Focus
Our Lord commanded us to go to the World; hence global thinking can’t be an option. But we also learn from our master and history of his church that global impacts comes through location actions, therefore our ministry is primarily focused in promoting and supporting expansion of the Gospel among the Oromo people here in North America, in Ethiopia and around the world. From more than 30 million people of the Oromo nation, it is only about two fifth of its population that is reached with the liberating message of the Gospel. Based on this need, our very intention is to publish resources that fuel, promote and support expansion of the gospel among the Oromo Speaking communities